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Having MLS search ability and features is essential for a real estate website. Blue Mountain Websites uses one of the best MLS applications to integrate into your customized website.

  Visitors will be able to freely search the MLS                               

  Visitors will be able to create an account to save their searches     

  Visitors will be able to search & view your specific properties       

  Visitors will be able to create a personalized account                    

  You as the website owner can track your traffic stats & history     

  You as the website owner can collect leads and much more!          

Customized MLS searches are a big convenience for your property seeking web visitors. Your real estate website by Blue Mountain Websites will have multiple custom search options making 'getting specific' an easy task.

Beyond the basics, here are some examples of custom MLS searches you could offer: 

  Map Search                            

  Foreclosure Search                   

  Recently Listed Search            

  Popular Neighborhood Search   

All of your firm's properties will be displayed first in search results matching the user's query.

Showcase your real estate firm's featured properties on every page!  Your website visitor's won't be left wondering what featured properties you're representing or have to inconveniently click into a separate page to view them.

Ease of use throughout the site will keep your property seeking web visitors coming back.

More and more people are using their smart phones these days to do their internet searching. A real estate website by Blue Mountain Websites will have mobile conversion which makes it user friendly to those wanting to property search with their device.  

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